Data security plays a major role in the national security

In olden periods if two countries are enemies, they will fight on the battlefield to show their strength and in the end of the war one kingdom will win, and another empire will lose, and they also did war according to the battle ethic rules. But in the present scenario, all these are changed to upside down many countries are doing unprofessional activities like they are started to steal national security information. So the government must recruit an IT security training officers to protect their countries confidential data from the anonymous hackers and rival nations around them.



How cyber crimes are happening in the army

The rival countries are funding to the group of hackers to threaten their targeted nation, and one of the cybercrime activities is stealing army’s weapons information. Sometimes the pirates are doing for their purpose, and also they demand a massive amount of money to not releasing those military data into the public forum. The hackers also will send a virus to the army computers even if the militaries have highly equipped supercomputers and using those viruses the hackers will take the copy of the crucial files and after that, the virus will automatically erase all documents in the computer. To stop this, every nation must have cyber security training officers to prevent the hacking, and also they do backtrack to find that computer virus origin place.



Cyber crimes in medicinal research institutes

From remote areas, the hackers will start to do their hacking activity because of this it is complicated to find their location. After the military, the rival nations will ask the hackers to target on the medicinal and scientific research field. In the medicinal field, the hackers will use their intranet server to steal their rare medicinal plant’s usage and their medicinal values. Using these data, they will sell it to other nation’s leading pharmaceutical companies to obtain the patent and to earn prestige among other medicinal companies. For safeguarding the medicinal data, the medical institutions must employ the person who has thorough knowledge in the cyber security courses.

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