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Terry Li

A London based Chinese female photographer provides reportage and documentary style photography service in British, Asian & Indian wedding, engagement and portrait. Also work in Kent, Essex, Surrey, Berkshire, Buckinghamshire and Hertfordshire.

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An Asian Wedding in London: The Difficulties of Planning

Description: Planning an Asian wedding in London includes finding the best Asian wedding photographer London can provide, securing the proper venue and the right decorations, getting the right food, and planning the festivities and rituals.

It’s probably safe to say that quite a few UK subjects of Asian descent tend to be a bit more formal and traditional when it comes to Asian weddings. Usually the parents of the bride and groom are integral to the planning of the event. If you’ve seen Bend It Like Beckham, you have a pretty good idea of how complicated it can get.

There’s really no such thing as a typical Asian wedding. Remember, Asia is a continent, and customs differ from one spot of the continent to another. A Chinese wedding will be different from a traditional Japanese wedding. Filipino weddings are mostly Catholic, and the nature of an Indian wedding will depend on whether the couple is Hindu, Muslim, or Sikh.

But regardless of what type of wedding it will be, some services are generally universal when it comes to weddings.


Asian Wedding Photography in London

An Asian wedding can be a great occasion that can generate a lot of truly memorable photographs. It’s not just that the people involved try to look their best for an important event. It’s also because many traditional Asian wedding attires and formal clothes are just simply spectacular. This is literally true. Many of these attires are true spectacles that can awe spectators and have them marveling at the exotic nature of it all. With the right Asian wedding photography London services, you can get souvenirs than can last a lifetime.

Finding the best Asian wedding photographer London can provide can be a very difficult process. It’s not just a matter of finding a photographer who comes from the same background so that they know the language and know the customs. There’s more to it than that.


And that’s where a wedding planner can help. The planner can:

  • See to it that the photographer is actually skilled;
  • Make sure that the photographer is respectful of the solemnity of the event;
  • Check that the photographer is charging a fair rate for their services;
  • Find out if the photographer is offering other services you want (such as printing out photos for guests); and
  • Confirm that the photographer is punctual and responsible.


There is a very long process to ascertain these things, and finding the right photographer can be a very long process. But a wedding planner may already know who to hire because they have already seen the photographer in action and the planer knows that the photographer is great.

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Finding the Right Venue

This can also be very complicated. After all, London is a great place to hold a wedding, and many of the most suitable places are booked far in advance. Searching for one venue among the many available places in London can take a lot of time and a lot of effort.

Again, here the assistance of a wedding planner can be invaluable. They can make sure that the venue:

  • Is located conveniently near the principals and perhaps near most of the guests as well;
  • Is big enough for the number of guests you’re expecting;
  • Charges a fee that is well within your budget;
  • Can decorate the function room or the wedding location properly and according to the tradition of the principals; and
  • Is able to offer the right type of meals and dishes according to the wishes of the families involved (or if not, they allow a catering service to provide the food).


If the planner has experience working with the same venue before, then they can make sure that the people in the wedding will have the best time of their lives. Food tasting and rehearsal dinners can be arranged. And of course, the planner can also ascertain that the staff is very welcoming in their treatments of the guests.


Planning for the Food and Entertainment

If the venue does not provide the food or entertainment, or if you wish to supplement the fare offered by the venue, then you will have to arrange for it from elsewhere. Getting the food may not be as much of a problem in London as there are many excellent Asian restaurants in the city, but with a wedding planner you may get the same quality of food for much lower expenses.

At the very least, the wedding planner can help you choose which caterer to hire, and they can help with the scheduling as well. The wedding planner can also confirm that the caterer offers truly memorable dishes and that they are true professionals who respect schedules.

The same goes for the entertainment. Finding DJs won’t be much of a problem, but find the right one who plays the right music beloved of the families involved may not be as easy.


Cost Savings

While you will have to pay for the services of a wedding planner, there are several ways in which a wedding planner can actually save you money in the end. For one, a wedding planner can prevent a vendor or a professional service from overcharging you. The wedding planner knows how much each service or item should really cost.

The wedding planner can even help steer you towards the vendors and professionals who offer the lowest rates or who offer the best value for money. In fact, some wedding planners have built networks so that as their client, you can enjoy preferred rates and discounts that are not available if you approach these professionals yourself.

That’s what you get with a good wedding planner: a grand Asian wedding in London that no one will forget, while you don’t overspend and you don’t lose your mind thinking about the various details. It’s a memorable event without the normal hassles usually involved in planning a wedding of any type.