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How to Choose Best Wedding Photographer in London


Description: If you are tying the knot in a few months, you need a photographer to capture every moment of this magical event. Learn how to find the best London photographer in this article.


Adam Levine and Behati Prinsloo, Kayley Cuoco and Ryan Sweetling, Kim Kardashian and Kanye West – these are but a few of Hollywood’s biggest names who got hitched last year. If you are reading this article wearing an engagement ring on your finger, you must be excited for one of the biggest days of your life. Nonetheless, there is no denying the pressure that you feel to make that day very special. Your preparations are about to get easier because following is a comprehensive guide to find the perfect wedding photographer in London.


Choose a Style

Before you call your friends or fire up your browser to begin your search for a professional photographer, you need to first learn the typical wedding photography styles. Doing so will help you narrow down your search:



If you want to instantly understand this style, take out your parents’ wedding album. You will most likely see staged shots of the bride and groom. Photos of guests are arranged by the photographer in front of a backdrop, and everyone is directly looking at the camera.

In this style, the photographer picks traditional locations such as the altar, garden, or the beach while shooting subjects in formal poses. The idea is to take pictures of faces that express the personality or mood of the event. The shooter may take creative and dramatic shots but the focus is on the essence or personality of the subjects. Many shots from the wedding of Kate Middleton and Prince William followed this style.



If the classic style does not suit your taste, perhaps a carefree or spontaneous approach would. In this method, the photos capture events or moments of your wedding candidly. Sample shots will include the bride throwing the bouquet to her bridesmaids or the best man raising a toast for the groom.

The concept is to take pictures naturally, the total opposite of portraiture where almost everything is staged and everyone is looking at the camera. From this style, the photos take will tell an intricate story about your big day.


Fine Art

Photographers utilizing this approach are given the green light to inject their artistic style and point of view into the photos. Generally, the focus is on the subject and the background is blurred, resulting to creamy, dreamy and grainy photographs. Most shooters who follow this style prefer to take black and white shots, but there are those who will not mind shooting photographs in full colour. If done correctly, your wedding day pictures will look dramatic and breath-taking.

If you are a fan of expressive and artistic black and white photographs, then this particular style should be at the top of your list.

fine art wedding photo



What’s distinctive about this style is the use of unconventional framing and tilted angles. If you look at an album full of photos using this approach, it’s easy to feel a little disoriented because shots were taken at an angle. For example, a photo of a newly-wed couple walking down the altar stairs may be snapped from a slanted position below the subjects. The end result is a slightly tilted photograph instead of a direct shot.

There are hundreds and hundreds of wedding photographers in London, and by settling for a style, you’ll have a lead to follow.



The research skills that you learned from school will come in handy as you seek your wedding day shooter. The first thing that you can do is to call your friends and ask if they can recommend someone who follows your preferred style. After that, you can look online for professional photographers (Check “top 5” at the top of this page) and review if their photos match your taste. You may want to try looking at their Facebook pages to see what their clients have to say about their services.

There are many wedding photographers in London, so take a day or two exploring your options.


Schedule Interviews

Since you are paying someone for a service, it is your right to interview them. A good photographers can be extremely busy so call as soon as you can to check if the shooter is free on your preferred wedding date. If not, then ask for names of other photographers who follow your chosen style.

You are done with this step as soon as you are able to schedule a meet-up with three to five prospective photographers.


Check out Their Portfolio

Before the interview, ask each photographer to bring full albums of covered weddings. Of course, what you see on website galleries or portfolios are the best shots captured so if you want to have a better idea of what a particular photographer can offer, browse through full wedding albums. If possible, request for photo albums which are taken in locations similar to yours. For example, if you are planning to say your vows at the beach, then look at complete albums that are taken by the sand, sea and shore.

If you are looking at every picture and you can’t help but be blown away, you are in the right direction. The main thing to consider is that the quality and style of ordinary pictures should not be a couple of steps below what was featured.


Feel the Photographer’s Vibes

Sometimes, couples are so impressed with the quality of pictures in front of them that they overlook the personality of the shooter.  A photographer’s vibe and social skills are very important. If you feel that something is not right with the shooter’s personality or if you pick up uneasy vibes while conducting the interview, you may want to move on to the next candidate.

Your wedding day should be one of the happiest days in your life and that emotion should be shown in all of your photos. However, if the shooter is a little off, chances are you and your guests will feel uptight and apprehensive, and those emotions will be seen on the finished product.  What you need is someone who can assertively direct the crowd while keeping everyone at ease.

happy couple


Enquire about Their Work Experience

Another thing that you can ask for during the interview is the shooter’s experience.  Unlike in mundane jobs where experience is almost a non-factor, experience is almost equivalent to skill in photography.

Primarily, experienced photographers are at ease because they have the answers to almost any unexpected issue that may arise. They can handle the stress of covering a large crowd, and they have the skills to open to a group and ask for photos. Most importantly, countless hours of snapping have afforded them the intuition to capture fleeting moments that a novice may miss.

A London wedding photographer with a lot of experience can cost a pretty penny, but think of it as a lifetime investment.  In the future, your kids and grandkids will look at your wedding album, and you’ll want to show them something special.


Find Out What Equipment They Use

It is quite understandable if you or your future husband is not knowledgeable about photography, but for your special day, you need to at least scratch the surface. You need to be aware of the equipment and the type of camera that will be used in your wedding.

Although majority of today’s photographers choose to shoot using digital cameras, there are those who still use film. While both produce high quality photos, each has its own merits. Cameras using film can take shots that will still look good when enlarged. On the other hand, digital images can be edited and manipulated.

Nonetheless, if the shooter prefers film, make sure that a professional grade film will be used. If the photographer opts for digital, the camera should be 8 mega pixels or higher. Furthermore, instruct the photographer to bring extra equipment in case something happens including lenses, cameras, batteries, memory cards, and flashes.

photography equipment


Know the Costs and Sign a Contract

Even if the idea of finally having an official photographer excites you, the task is not yet over because you have to go through the fine print.

You can negotiate the photographer’s fees if you like but if not, then discuss what you’ll be getting from the package. If the shooter is firm with the price, at least you know exactly the type of service that will be provided.

More importantly, make sure that it is stipulated in the contract that you are acquiring the services of your preferred photographer. Studios may have more than one resident photographer, and they may pull a bait and switch on you come your wedding day.


Hiring a photographer for the day that you tie the knot is no easy feat. However if you pick a style, do your homework, and set-up interviews, you will create a shortlist of preferred shooters. During the meet-up, review the photographers’ portfolio, get to know their personality, ask about their experience, and talk about equipment. Following these steps will give you insight on who is the perfect candidate to snap images of your wedding day. When everything is done, negotiate the price and make sure that your contract will not allow the studio to send a different photographer.


It may take weeks before you close the deal but once you do, you can sleep better knowing that the magic of your wedding day will be forever immortalized by a photographer who shares your vision.


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