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YOUTUBE: www.youtube.com/RoastCat
FACEBOOK: Ella Guru Artist | Stuckism Group

Note I am not a band. If you see 'Ella Guru' listed as playing, it is the band Ella Guru from Norway. We each borrowed the name independently and will continue to peacefully coexist.

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Baked Velázquez - details on Flickr.

The limited edition Stuckist Tarot Deck is now available for purchase! Only £25 including P&P.

Limited number of decks so buy now to avoid disappointment. They are the 22 Major Arcana cards, a collectable deck that can also be used for 3 and 4 card readings. Each card is by a different painter, many different styles and interpretations.


Recent paintings:"Queen of the Jungle" (with Ophelia Bitz) and "Backstage" (with Vicky Butterfly).

Both were on display In Dare To Weat from 10 Oct to 4 November.

Rasp and Marissa

Marnie Scarlet

Lucha Britannia

Video of the painting of Baked Baked Velázquez:


Deptford Beach Babes video for Laga Beach by Lucy Thane, starring us, some actors, and a cast of fabulous fans!

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