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Terry Li

A London based Chinese female photographer provides reportage and documentary style photography service in British, Asian & Indian wedding, engagement and portrait. Also work in Kent, Essex, Surrey, Berkshire, Buckinghamshire and Hertfordshire.

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Capturing the Magic

An Indian wedding in London can be a great spectacle which can truly look majestic and magnificent in pictures. When it comes to finding an Indian wedding photographer, London can of course offer a lot of choices, but finding the most suitable one for your wedding may need a bit more effort on your part.


If you are having an Indian wedding in London, then one of the most important choices you’ll have to make is deciding on which Indian photography London service to do your wedding. This is not a light decision to make. While fees may vary depending on the experience or provided services of the photographer, the best wedding photographer can offer may cost up 10 to 12 per cent of your total wedding budget.



Is wedding photography Services Even Necessary?

Many people ask this question these days. After all, many people in London have their own smartphone or tablet nowadays. You can even say that many people have lots of experience taking photos.

But that’s not really true. A wedding—especially an Indian wedding—is a momentous event. It’s expected to happen only once in a lifetime. And that means that regular people’s knowledge regarding photo taking is insufficient.

It’s the same thing when you hire a friend or a relative who knows how to take good pictures. What you need is an experienced wedding photographer.  They often develops a sixth sense as to when and where a great photo can be taken.

The clothes displayed in an Indian wedding can also look magnificent in wedding photos. But the people wearing them must not be overshadowed by the clothes, because it’s not a fashion shoot.

So you’ll need a photographer who knows how to make the clothes look really good in pictures without losing focus on the people who are wearing them. A wedding photographer must make the bride and groom and their friends and relatives look good, so that they are not outshone by the attire they are wearing.

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Different Styles of Photography

When you choose a photographer, you should make sure that they can accommodate your style preferences. For example, some photographers excel in taking posed pictures which look truly great as portraits. Other photographers have an innate skill of taking the best candid pictures—they tend to be in the right place at the right time for surprising and wonderful unexpected shots.

Then there is what’s called post-processing. This is when images are edited so that the style conforms to your preference. For example, the style can be really clean, so that the images appear very natural. The matte look is similar to the vintage style, as it offers low contrast and pastel colors are muted. At the other end of the spectrum is the high contrast style, in which the colors are rich and vibrant that makes them pop out.

Some cheaper photographers offer what’s called a shoot and burn service. Basically, they don’t do any post editing at all. They just give you what they have, as is.  They burn the pictures on a CD or put it in a USB stick.

This is just a rather high-end version of the tablet pictures your friends can take with their tablets. While you can get some photographers who can give some nice shots such as the photos with a blurry background, there’s lots of potential for error and regret. Pimples are not edited out in Photoshop, bad lighting remains uncorrected, and photobombers get the glory. For an Indian wedding this kind of service will simply not suffice.


Understanding the Costs

Some people complain about the expense, but when you think about it the photographer isn’t exactly becoming rich off your wedding right away. A photographer can shoot up to fifty or a hundred photos an hour, and for an Indian wedding that means you can get hundreds of great photos. Each of your guests may have a special photo of their own.

But the photographer may be lugging around equipment that costs as much as £10,000 at least. There may be an assistant as well. Considering all the preparation, hard work, and post editing, the photographer actually doesn’t earn all that much in comparison to what you get. This is especially true of those who are just new to the business.

You may also have some other services that you can request. For example, you may want some large pictures while others are printed smaller. The photographer may even provide suitable frames for some of your pictures.

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Choosing a Photographer

There are essentially three factors which you need to keep in mind when you hire a photographer. One, of course, is that the fee they charge should fit your budget. The second is that the range and quality of their finished products should match your expectations. 

The third is that the photographer should be familiar with your Indian culture and preferably your language as well. A photographer shouldn’t have to ask questions about what some guest said to them, or wonder about what ritual or procedure will come next. They have to know already, so that they can position themselves in the right place to take the perfect photos.

There’s also the matter of cultural sensitivity. Indian culture is different from typical Anglo-Saxon customs. It may be considered a bit more conservative. If some preparations of the bride will be photographed, the photographer must behave properly.

With the right photographer, you can then get the best mementos of your Indian wedding. You can have some photos best suited for large portraits in your homes. Some can be displayed in the office, used as wallpaper for the monitor, or used as covers for greeting cards. They can be posted on Facebook for all to see.


Someone once said that if there’s no record of an event, then it didn’t really happen. With the right wedding photographer, you can make sure that everyone knows how grand and spectacular your Indian wedding truly was.