Photojournalist Style of Wedding Photography

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Description: The photojournalistic style of wedding photography is becoming more and more popular among couples today. This article explains how this style works, what methods are used and how it has evolved.

Styles of wedding photography

The photojournalistic style of wedding photography is a photography style that uses a different approach from traditional wedding images. Instead of the formal approach, the photographer, known as a wedding photojournalist, takes photos spontaneously to emphasize emotion and capture the moment.

Telling a Story

If you look at a photojournalistic wedding photography in London, Paris or any other location, what you’ll notice with the photos is they tell the story of the wedding, as that’s the whole point of the images. In this regard, a wedding photojournalist is no different from the traditional media photographer who uses photos to tell a story.


A professional wedding photojournalist usually shoots photos rapidly using camera flash, modern digital cameras or other available lighting. This is a marked departure from the techniques used in traditional wedding photography that makes use of studio lighting. Since photojournalist wedding photo shoots emerged years ago, it has become the norm and “wedding photography” is now taken to mean photojournalist photo shoots.

Style and Methods

A wedding photojournalist, whether he/she is shooting an American, European or Asian wedding, is going to tell a story, and the key to a successful account is to let the events flow naturally. For this reason, the photographer uses shooting methods that don’t disrupt the scenes and require minimal posing.


These photojournalists use different styles, but the purpose and goal is the same, and that’s to find those special moments during the ceremony that happen spontaneously rather than set them up.


This doesn’t mean photojournalists don’t do group wedding photo shoots as they do. While these are called “formal wedding portraits”, they are not as formal or rigid as those you’d find in traditional wedding photography. Furthermore, these portraits make up only about 5% of the wedding photos. Even when taking formal wedding shots, photojournalists just use the camera and don’t require the use of special lighting arrangements.


The emergence of digital cameras and photography has changed the way photojournalists take their photos. With today’s versatile cameras, photojournalists can shoot more images that previously possible, allowing for more candid shots.

Skill and Craftsmanship Required

While the photojournalist method is more casual, that doesn’t mean one can just snap photos here and there. On the contrary, the wedding photographer must have a solid understanding of editing, timing and composition to be able to tell the story accurately. To ensure spontaneity, the photographer relies only on natural and available light to get the right atmosphere and reduce the disturbance.


These days it’s also not uncommon for wedding photographers to provide the images on digital albums or display them on the Internet. Before the advent of digital photography, these images often took up to a week to process and deliver as the exposures required a lot of work. However that’s no longer the case as technological advances has resulted in rapid development.


How Wedding Photojournalists Take Shots

Different styles are used, but whenever possible, these wedding photographers use a foreground as that is responsible for producing the emotion in the person or persons being photographed. Unless there’s a foreground, it’s going to be difficult for the person looking at the photo to understand why the subject is crying or smiling.


The wedding photographer doesn’t get in the way, but they do stay close enough to the subjects to tell what kind of conversation is going on. This is important because if the subjects are about to laugh, the photographer must be ready to shoot. It’s also important for the photographer to remain focused and not get carried away by the emotions and forget what he / she is supposed to do.


Finally, it’s important for the wedding photographer to be always on the move, as there could be a memorable scene happening on the other table. By walking around and checking up on all the action, the photographer will be able to capture the emotions of the bride, groom and the other people in the weddings. By taking all of these into consideration, the wedding photojournalist will be in position to tell the story.


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