Traditional Wedding Photography

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Description: Traditional wedding photography is the art of shooting wedding photos in the classical style. This article explains how it works, what the shots are like and how it differs from other types of wedding photo shoots.

Traditional Style of Wedding Photography

Traditional wedding photography consists of classical poses and images, and it is also characterized by a lot of interaction with the photographer. There are a lot of different wedding photo styles that have appeared, but this remains very popular especially among those that prefer classic and traditional weddings.


If you ask a photographer what the traditional style is like, you’ll probably get different answers, but for simplicity’s sake, you can think of it as color or black and white photos taken of the couple when they are posed and looking at the camera. This also holds true not just for the couple but also the other people at the wedding, although it’s usually just applied to the couple.


At any rate, traditional wedding pictures are noted for deep photographer involvement. The photographer acts as a director and orchestrator for each photo pose, and a lot of planning goes into each shot.

How a Typical Photo Shoot Works

Regardless whether it is a traditional wedding in London, Los Angeles or Melbourne, the basic approach to these photo shoots is the same. First the photographer and the couple plan the photo shoot and set ideas. Everything is planned, from how many pictures to take, to the locations and the poses.

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A classic wedding photography shoot has the couple posing “magazine style”, and the photographer also sets up various environments that convey fantasy and romance. There are however, no specifics about the environment or lighting as it depends on the couple’s preferences. The influence of this approach can be seen with other wedding photography styles, as any that requires direction and setting up is directly inspired by classic wedding photography shots.

The Benefits of a Classical Wedding Photography Shoot

Even with the availability of various wedding photo shoot styles, the classical style offers a lot of benefits and advantages. For one thing it harkens back to a bygone era, and that alone makes it a fine choice for couples who want to infuse old fashion romance in their nuptials.


Second, classic wedding photography, while predictable, has the advantage of being pre-planned and being carefully arranged. Classic wedding shots can also be planned and executed easily as all professional photographers know how it is done.


Since classic wedding shots require planning, it can be time consuming, but that’s not really an issue for most couples as it is something they plan for. Furthermore, in the hands of a skilled photographer, all the posing and arranging should be easy to do. The key to a successful classic wedding photo shoot is to set the timetable as early as possible.

Getting Ready for a Classic Wedding Photo Shoot

It is also important that the couple spend time with the photographer to work out the details first. This is also the opportunity to make sure that the couple and photographer both know what poses and pictures should be taken during the wedding. A professional wedding photographer probably has a good idea of what the classic wedding poses are, but it’s something that should be discussed with the couple if they want to include or do something different.

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As for the must-have shots for traditional weddings, the list will vary somewhat, and photographers may only include a few. As a general guide however, prep shots of the bride and groom should be included as well as of the wedding dress draped or hanged. The “north window” shot, where the bride faces out of the northernmost window, is also a classic shot.


The bride walking down the stairs is another traditional wedding shot as is that of the mother of the bride and the maid of honor zipping the wedding dress. Among the more popular classic shots of the groom are fixing his hair, the groom with the best man and his father.


There should also be shots of the bride and the groom with their parents and grandparents (usually separate shots) and the bride limo. Of course classic wedding photography includes that of the groom waiting on the altar, as well as of the father giving away the bride.


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